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Washington, DC Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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Channel letters and also dimensional letters are popular enough that they transcend industries as a signage option for Washington, DC businesses.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignThe popularity of these signs comes their ability to be versatile. When businesses have specific needs for their brand, these signs offer flexibility in how they can be designed. If a custom sign is what your business needs, either as a flat dimensional letter sign or an illuminated sign, we can bring it to life.

Local Washington, DC businesses can rely on Creative Edge Signs and Graphics to provide them with excellent service and signs that fit any budget.

Call Creative Edge Signs and Graphics today at (202) 793-8277 for a consultation with a Channel Letter Sign Specialist!

Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignWhen it comes to storefront signs, channel letters signs get the most requests from us. In these particular signs, individual elements are cut and formed from metal. These elements can be numbers or letters, and even images. Once the elements are cut, they are aligned directly to the building of a business so they sit flush against it, or they are aligned to a backing frame and that is mounted on the building. Finally, these elements are given an acrylic top that increases durability while giving them a custom appeal.

These signs make it possible to have logo, spell out phrases and slogans, or simply write your name. Customizing the sign is a simple matter of picking the right font, style, color, and size for your needs. Since the channels are hand formed, they can also be turned into custom icons and images.

Signs with channel letters can be see in many places, such as malls, grocery stores, office buildings, churches, schools, and manufacturing facilities.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignAn alternative to channel letter signs are dimensional letter signs. These signs share attributes with channel letter signs, but have a difference in how they are made. Channel letters are empty on the inside because they are made with the option of adding illumination. Dimensional letters don’t have hollow spaces and are just solid cuts of material. The thickness of the dimensional letters can be changed to meet demands, making them nearly flat or noticeably thick. The fonts, sizes, and styles can also be changed.

Dimensional letter signs that fit your brand in the best way possible can be made by Creative Edge Signs and Graphics from high quality materials.

In malls, offices, restaurants, and retail stores, these signs are quite useful. Lobby signs and indoor signs are also good ideas for these signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignThe channels in channel letters are practically made for LED lighting. These energy efficient lights make the sign more visible in weather conditions that obstruct vision, and in hours when the sky is dark. We can create the sign based on your ideas and choices, install it safely, and perform post installation cleaning.

During the night and evening, your business can benefit from a channel sign that is backlit by being a visible presence for customers.

Businesses that have an active nightlife, such as comedy clubs, gas stations, theaters, restaurants, and bars can get a lot of use out of lighted signs. They aren’t the only ones that can use these signs, as pretty much any business can gain more customers from them.

Expert Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Our Washington, DC company will do what it takes to meet your needs. We have the right staff to help you start the creation process, have the products to make the sign tangible, and we can do it efficiently. We can be a partner for your signage needs on a long term basis. No other local company can offer what Creative Edge Signs and Graphics can.

Call Creative Edge Signs and Graphics today at (202) 793-8277 to talk to a Channel Letter Sign Specialist!