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Commercial Building Signs
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Washington, DC Commercial Building Signs


There is nothing more important than a first impression and nothing screams quality better than a beautiful storefront.

storefront building signCreative Edge Signs and Graphics is home to some of the world’s finest building signs and can help bring a Washington, DC business and its storefront to life.

To stand out and be different, it’s important to pursue world-class designs to bring consumers in and attract their interest. For those who are looking to set up promotional signs to bring in new eyes or want to build brand awareness, our team is able to come up with a personalized sign that’s well-designed and perfect for you.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building SignNo two businesses are alike and each one has specific requirements about what it needs and the impression it wishes to make. Multiple variables come into the decision-making process including your budget, target audience, competition, location, and brand image. These all play a role in which building sign is the way to go moving forward.

With years of expertise in building new signs, our consultants are equipped to handle your needs and are going to perform a robust on-site evaluation to determine what is best. The evaluation is going to take a look at customizing every last detail and will highlight what’s needed for the installation, designing, manufacturing, maintenance, repair work, and anything else related to the process.

Types of Building Signs

Wall SignOur Washington, DC consultants have a handful of meaningful sign types for a client to choose from. These are going to vary based on the type of business and location. Our recommendations are going to account for these details and will ensure everything works out to help stand out compared to the competition. This is going to assist in pushing the business forward and setting the right tone in the niche.

Please note all of our signs are personalized and crafted in-house. This makes sure the signage types are refined, professional, and beautiful. The details are customized including how the sign will appear and how it correlates with other signs on the property. This is a great way to make sure everything works in unison and stands out for the right reasons.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Channel Letter Building SignOne of our most well-loved signs would be the channel letters dimensional signs because they’re useful, versatile, and come with a whole host of customization features (font, color, and style). The channel letters and dimension letters are built to make sure everything is factored in including the numbers, letters, logos, and shapes. It is a way to remain different and stand out as a retail store or as a manufacturing facility. In addition, these signs are built to last and are going to stay durable for a long time to come because of how they’re designed. The channel letters are set up to come with a transparent face, while the dimensional letters are able to focus on using a single sheet of acrylic and/or metal. This can pop out a bit and look great in all situations.

Lighted Signs

Lighted SignThese signs are ideal for day or night settings making them easier to spot. The signs are designed with purposeful backlighting. This makes sure everything stands out and there is a lighted element to ensure its beauty. In many situations, these lighted signs can work wonders in locations that are open during the night or are 24/7 operations. These can include businesses such as gas stations, bars, retail stores, theaters, and convenience stores to name a few. These signs are going to make the business look great at all times of the day.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignThis type of sign is exciting and does wonders as it hangs in a perpendicular fashion instead of being pressed against a flat wall. It is a sign that is going to be backlit and/or made from personalized materials including wood, high-density urethane foam, or metal. It is a well-recommended solution that is made for a business that has ongoing foot traffic in its vicinity or doesn’t have a proper storefront (i.e. building). This can be a great way to pop out and look great as a business.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignThese signs are great for protection and identifying a business. This is made of a canvas material and can be put together with metal/fabric. It is a way to customize the look and have something stand out for a long time to come. Our awning signs are ideal for open-air restaurants and hotels.

Expert Building Sign Consultation

At Creative Edge Signs and Graphics, we are prepared to offer a world-class sign that is going to sync with your Washington, DC business and building. With years of expertise, we recognize what it takes to put together a beautiful sign that is going to bring in new customers.

Call Creative Edge Signs and Graphics at (202) 793-8277 to talk to a Building Signs Expert!